Our courses —

Online learning

Classes are held in a child-friendly environment. It is easy to adjust the schedule so that it was convenient for you.


What do you learn

We will help learn new words, improve school grades. Children will forget about learning words and rules from the textbook, all the material is learned naturally, during conversational exercises.

1. 80% conversational practice

Children will constantly communicate, train pronunciation and other skills, including with native speakers.

2. Textbooks free of charge

You do not need to buy textbooks, because you will be given access to the electronic version of the textbook, which can be downloaded and printed.

3. Classes do not burn out

Did the kid miss a few classes? No trouble, because classes can be worked out, individually and for free with your teacher.

Course materials

It is much easier for a child to learn English from scratch: children literally absorb it! Those grammatical constructions that we carefully memorize, they instantly remember. Without analysis, which they are not yet capable of, but simply so.

What does learning English mean for children: 

  • Opportunity for rapid development over peers
  • A skill in self-confidence, quick communication with people
  • The child will think, read and cook in several languages – this is a great workout for the mind.

So, the role of English in the world can be talked about indefinitely. It is undeniable that English is an important component in the life of modern man, and everyone will be able to find for himself more than one reason to study and improve his skills.

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